Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rio Rock Bands 2013!

Rio del Mar has TWO new rock bands this year! A big congrats goes out to ALL students who bravely shared their skills on stage last Friday.
Friday, September 27th, Band 1 will practice at 2:10-3:15 followed by band 2 from 3:15-4:15pm next week in the cafeteria. Bring your instruments and put them on the stage in the morning. I'll tune them so we are ready to rock! Start thinking of creative band names. I will hand out the band policy form on Monday that each child will need to read, go over with their parents, sign and return. I will also give each child the songs along with the chord charts. Please add Spotify, if possible, which is the best Internet based music software to share songs. If you have Facebook, it is very easy for adults to sign up. I will post our playlists online and share them with you once I get back all of your e-mails next Friday. Make sure to practice and be ready to rehearse our new songs together this week!
Songs 1+2
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Pork and Beans-Weezer
Cuts Like a Knife
Band 1-
Guitar-Heath W.
Guitar-Sebastian R.*if possible
Bass-Juliet S.
Drums-Kelly M.
Keys-Nate A.

A Day in the Life-Beatles
Beat It-Michael Jackson
 Band 2-
Vocals-John A.
Guitar-Sebastian R.
Bass-Jordan B.
Drums -Jake L.
Keys-Barabara T.