Monday, November 21, 2011

New Class Enrollment-Piano/Legos/Guitar etc.

Andrew M.$
Jasmine R.
Ryan B.$
Ashley G.$
Skye H.$
Margaret C.$
Ariel S.$
Miranda S.$
David M.
Keala C.$
Waiting List
Brandon P.
Tommy $
Kirsten M.
Keegan M.

Beginning Guitar-McMillan
Jack C.$
Logan S.$
Andrew M.
Skye H.$
Dario R.$
Laney S.$
Miles A.$
Jake L.
Nate A.$
Seamus C.$

Gavin S.
Kirsten M.
Keegan M.

Sebastian R.$
Jaden L.$
Miles A.$

Legos Class
Ryan B.$
Liam B.$
Nate A.$
Gavin S.
Sebastian R.$
Eden C.$
Cooper D.$
Luke D.$
Holden E.$
Curran J.$
Kaiden A.$
Bret M.$
Gavin S.$

Intermediate Guitar
Ariel S.$
Miranda S.$
Sebastian R.$
Quin S.$
Sammet x3-$
Jordan B.$
9.Jaime $
10.Quin $

Friday, November 18, 2011


You should have received a call home! Check out the new classes starting soon this winter return the forms to get enrolled.

Monday, November 07, 2011

After School Physics and Chemistry is back!

Irvin is back for more Physics and Chemistry fun. The class will be on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in the library. On staff meeting days it will be in Room 12. The cost is $135 and the class goes from December 7-March 7th. The papers to sign up went home last week. Please turn them into the office to enroll.
1. Holden E.$ (paid)
2. Miles B.$
3. Riley M.$
4. Adam F.$
5. Sam D.$
6. Hunter C.$
7. Nathan W.$
8. Alex K.$
9. Lucas C.$
10. Sammy C.$
11. Michael C.$
12. Conner C.$
13. Eli K.$
14. Liam B.$
15. Sean B.$
16. Evan R.$
17. Keegan M.$
18. Matthew B.$
19. Lucas C.$
20. Sammy C.$
21. Camrynn F.$