Monday, November 21, 2011

New Class Enrollment-Piano/Legos/Guitar etc.

Andrew M.$
Jasmine R.
Ryan B.$
Ashley G.$
Skye H.$
Margaret C.$
Ariel S.$
Miranda S.$
David M.
Keala C.$
Waiting List
Brandon P.
Tommy $
Kirsten M.
Keegan M.

Beginning Guitar-McMillan
Jack C.$
Logan S.$
Andrew M.
Skye H.$
Dario R.$
Laney S.$
Miles A.$
Jake L.
Nate A.$
Seamus C.$

Gavin S.
Kirsten M.
Keegan M.

Sebastian R.$
Jaden L.$
Miles A.$

Legos Class
Ryan B.$
Liam B.$
Nate A.$
Gavin S.
Sebastian R.$
Eden C.$
Cooper D.$
Luke D.$
Holden E.$
Curran J.$
Kaiden A.$
Bret M.$
Gavin S.$

Intermediate Guitar
Ariel S.$
Miranda S.$
Sebastian R.$
Quin S.$
Sammet x3-$
Jordan B.$
9.Jaime $
10.Quin $

Friday, November 18, 2011


You should have received a call home! Check out the new classes starting soon this winter return the forms to get enrolled.

Monday, November 07, 2011

After School Physics and Chemistry is back!

Irvin is back for more Physics and Chemistry fun. The class will be on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in the library. On staff meeting days it will be in Room 12. The cost is $135 and the class goes from December 7-March 7th. The papers to sign up went home last week. Please turn them into the office to enroll.
1. Holden E.$ (paid)
2. Miles B.$
3. Riley M.$
4. Adam F.$
5. Sam D.$
6. Hunter C.$
7. Nathan W.$
8. Alex K.$
9. Lucas C.$
10. Sammy C.$
11. Michael C.$
12. Conner C.$
13. Eli K.$
14. Liam B.$
15. Sean B.$
16. Evan R.$
17. Keegan M.$
18. Matthew B.$
19. Lucas C.$
20. Sammy C.$
21. Camrynn F.$

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Reading and Math Specialist

Parents of Rio del Mar,
Our Math Specialist, Tiffany Mitchener, is helping out our after school program on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30pm in Room 23. Please e-mail me at: if you would like your child to get some extra support.

Rebecca Terry is our new Reading Specialist at the after school program on Wednesdays. Students in 2nd and 3rd are invited on Wednesdays from 12:20-1:00 in Room 2. 4th-6th graders will be able to work with her from 1:15-2:10. E-mail me if interested. She is also teaching the Lego Engineering class coming on Friday, September 30th.

Finally, 5th graders, and students struggling in math are invited to utilize some effective software in our computer lab on Mondays-Thursdays from 2:30-3:00pm. Wednesdays-12:20-1pm. The program is called Successmaker and it is a challenging and fun type of software that advances students from where they are at, to new high levels.

That's it for now!
Mr. Sweet
Rio del Mar Elementary School's After School Program

"Where we use our hearts and minds well."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


1. Cooper J.
2. Sophia D. $
3. Jordan H.$
4. Quinn S.$
5. Eden C.$
6. Ethan A.$
7. Kelsey M.$
8. Claire M.$
9. Sophia G.$
10. Melanie C.$
11. Micah $
12. Charlotte R.
13. Miles A.
14. Kylie H.$
15. Katelyn F.$
16. Brynn T.

Physics Chemistry With Irvin on Wednesdays 1230-1pm starting September 7th
1. Riley K.$
2. Bridgett B.$
3. Fisher J.$
4. Alex K.$
5. Jack S. $
6. Camryn F.$
7. Holden E.$
8. Eli K.$
9. Alex K.$
10.Stacy L.
11. Hunter C.$
12. Asa B.$
13. Daniel M.$
14. Hunter A.$
15. Kourosh S.$
16. Evan R.$

BEGINNING GUITAR (Starts September 13th with Mr. Sweet)
1. Andrew M.$
2. Aliya H.$
3. Tommy V.$
4. Quinn S.$
5. Arielle S.$
6. Miranda S.$
7. Dario R.$
8. Sebastian R.

Jake L.$
BEGINNING GUITAR (Starts September 13th with Mr. McMillan)
1. Mauricio S.$
2. Raphael S.$
3. Ruben S.
4. Quin S.
5. Logan S.
6. Gavin S.$
7. Sky H.$
8. Jamie W.$
9. David M.$

Dylan J.
Jack C.$
Jack S.$
SCHOOL NEWSPAPER (Starts September 8)(No Charge)
1.Joshua M.
2. Athena M.
3.Sky D.
4. Milo R.
5. Trevor F.
6. Dana F.
7. Wells
8. Kaylie B.
9. Evan R.

CARTOONING CLASS(Starts September 8)
1.Eden C.$
2.Ethan S.$
3. Max S.$
4. Carson S.$
5. Gavin S.$
6. Skye H.$
7. Presley B.$
8. Nathan T.$
9. Aidan M.$
10. Kaiden A.$
11. Sophia G.$
12. Owen M.$
13. Zach C.$
14. Taye G.$
15. Bret M.$
16. Talu G.$
LEGO ENGINEERING 1 (Starts September 30)
1. Johan G. $
2. Tommy C.$
3. Evan R.$
4. Ben C.$
5. Sam S.$
6. Gavin S.$
7. Sebastian R.$
8. Ian H.$
9. Mitchell Y.$
10. David M.$
11. Sam D.$
12. Aidan M.$
13. Dylan J.$
14. Kaiden A.$
15. Ethan W.$
16. Dylan J.$
17. Carter B.$
18. Heath W.$
19. Owen M.$
20. Ethan L.$
21. Alex K. (WAITING LIST)

INTERMEDIATE GUITAR (Starts September 13)

SPANISH (Starts September 13th)
1. Kayla B.$
2. Carlo G.$
3. Patrick M.$
4. Joey M.$
5. Kelsey M.$
6. Dylan M.$
7. Eli K.$

1. Liam B. $
2. Ryan B.$
3. Brody C.$
4. Nate A.
5. Josh P.$
6. Sonny C.$

Sunday, August 07, 2011

After School Programs Resumes

Dear Parents,
Rio del Mar Elementary School's After School Program will begin on Monday, August 22nd. Our program will run from 2:10 – 4:25 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Restructured-Day Wednesdays the program will run until 2:05 p.m. As in the past, the primary purpose of this program is to help students with homework and provide academic support and interventions for students that are falling behind grade level standards and who may struggle with the CST Testing.

The program will continue to consist of an hour of tutorial/homework support for students who are in 2nd - 6th grades. If your child completes all of their homework they will participate in an hour of enrichment activities to support student learning. Students are to be honest regarding finishing their homework. If they are not, they will lose fun enrichment class opportunities for two weeks. Enrichment activities will consist of: Sports Leagues, Rock Bands, Guitar, Computers, Piano, Chess, Ceramics, Arts and Crafts, Cartooning, African Drumming, Games and possibly Choir. Rio’s After School is an open enrollment program and this means that your child may come any day we are in session, or enroll throughout the year.

*For those students who take the bus: there will be a free after school bus that will pick up the students at 4:25 p.m.on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be no bus provided on our Restructured Wednesdays (short days). As a result, students will need to be picked up on Wednesdays. If you have a transportation problem/concern please call: 728-6324.

**Please remember to pick up your child promptly each day at 4:25 p.m. After three warnings for getting picked up late, your child will be required to take the free after school bus home.

*There will be no after school program on Fridays or during Parent/Teacher Conferences in October. Snacks and drinks will be provided each day. Keep an eye out for all-calls at home for new classes and holiday weeks because there will be days that we will not be in session.

*When school begins, please send a check for $220 for each child to attend Rio’s After School Program. This fee helps pay for a Reading Specialist, Math Specialist, staff, supplies, curriculum, books, equipment, prizes and much more. Scholarships are available for students in need. This one time fee is a small sum compared to the hundreds of dollars you would pay at other programs each month. Checks are preferred and they should be made out to the RDM Parent Alliance.

Have a great school year,
J Martin Sweet
5th Grade Teacher/After School and Music Coordinator – Questions? E-mail:
Check the after school blog frequently at:


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


8:00 a.m. in Cafeteria-(Primary Grades)
1:00 p.m. in Cafeteria-(Intermediate Grades)

Order of Events

Host and Hostess Lucas Junod and Lauren Inman
Speakerphone Dancers
Carolyn Jones
Laura Landgraf
Ashley Gomez
Molly Mansfield
Max Lippert
Lindsay Jones
Sophia Tatum-McNeilly

Pogo Stick Dance -Dynamite
Sophie Allen

Singing Duet-Jar of Hearts
Coral Maixner and Melody Andrews

Tae Kwon Do Demonstration-Justin Ziegler

Singing-Picture to Burn
Ryley Prichard

McCavity from Cats Dance
Kelsey Mackle
Sarah Moyer
Lily Berhan
Carmella Rennell
Sydney Gannon
Miles Allen
Evan Reade

Spoken Word/Poetry- "Shame"
Written by Navid Amarlou

Singing Duet-Crazier by Taylor Swift
Sara Pedro
Sara Safari

Dancing Solo-Stronger by Kanye West
Johnny Staka

Piano-Mountain Rhapsody
CeCe Manchester

Martial Arts Demonstrations
Dylan McKenna

Dance-Break Your Heart Remix
Eve Roberson and Shayla Harris

Singing Duet-Baby You Can Drive My Car by the Beatles
Kelly and Cody Taylor

Solo Dancer-Pon de Replay by Rhianna
Lauren Jacque

Comedy Skit
Maggy Chapman
Kaylie Kinkead
Arianna Kessler
Lily Jacob

Monday, March 28, 2011


Starting this Thursday, March 31st, at 3:30 pm in Room 12, we will start a Cartooning Class. The class will be available for the first twenty 2nd – 6th Grade students who sign and return this form to Mr. Sweet in Room 12. It will be a 7-week course ending on May 26th. There will be no Fee for this class! This engaging cartooning class will be taught by the site’s Spectra Artist, John “Bean” Hastings. Check out John’s cartoons at:
NAME ______________________________ TEACHER________________________

Parent’s Signature__________________________________________________

1.Noah H.
2. Sage H.
3. Cece M.
4. Miles B.
5. Megan E.
6. Holden E.
7. Kyle H.
8. Sequoia K.
9. Luke S.
10. Evan W.
11. Jacob P.
12. Kaylee P.
13. Layla S.
14. Sara S.
15. Abby P.
16. Kody T.
17. Aaron C.
18. Kye H.
19. Christian H.
20. Trenton B.

Waiting List (If students do not show up to the class)
Johnny S.
Majdalean A.
Max P.
Kassandra H.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

After School Science Class-Physics and Chemistry Fun

Physics and Chemistry Fun with Irvin will begin this Wednesday, March 8 and run through May 25th
Here are the students enrolled: $=Paid Tuition

1. Evan R.$
2. Ryan B.$
3. Keegan M.$
4. Asa B.$
5. Miles A.$
6. Nate A.$
7. Dylan M.$
8. Daniel M.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


After School Life Lab Gardening Class
Rio del Mar’s After School Program will be offering a new Life Lab Garden enrichment class taught by 5th grade teacher Mr.Todd Kitch.
The students will have the opportunity to work in the Rio del Mar Life Lab garden. Students will plant seeds and bulbs, water and pull weeds, dig holes, move soil around in a wheelbarrow, eat the vegetables and so much more! The class will take place in Room 11 and the Rio del Mar garden above the upper playground. There will be no charge for this class! Students in 3rd through 6th grade will able to participate.
Dates – 8 Mondays in the cafeteria starting on January 31st –April 4th
Times – 2:10 – 3:30 p.m.
Please check the after school website for the students’ first 10 names who signed and returned the form. They will be enrolled in the class starting on January 31st.
………………………………………………………………………………………←Cut Here
Child’s Name_________________________Teacher________________Grade_______

______________________________ _____________________________________________
Parent’s Signature E-mail (Please write neatly)

1.Jane J.
2.Kaylee P.
3.McKenna P.
4.Ashley D.
5.Max S.
6.Gabby B.
7.Abby P.
8.Sky D.
9.Majdalean A.
11.Nathan W.
12.Maya B.
13.Olivia B.
14.Lily B.
15.Madison G.
Next students will be enrolled in the next class in April
Marie R.
Rhonen W.
Rachel R.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Dear Parents,
If your child is struggling in reading, or your teacher called home, we are offering a new class on Wednesdays from 12:20-1:00pm
for 2nd and 3rd grade students. From 1-2pm there will be a class for 4th-6th students in the computer lab. Students will be working with Elise Land, our Reading Specialist during the regular school day. Students will focus on reading fluency, decoding and comprehension strategies. Please e-mail me at: if you are interested and I will enroll your child.

Happy New Year!
Mr. Sweet
After School Coordinator

Ceramics Class

After School Ceramics Class
Rio del Mar’s After School Program will be offering another Ceramics enrichment class taught by Claudia Stevens. Claudia is an experienced Spectra Art teacher through the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz.
This class will learn the basic forms of ceramics and have the opportunity to have their projects fired and glazed. Students who have participated in previous classes may enroll because new lessons and projects will be taught. There will be a $50 charge for the teacher, supplies and kiln fee. The extra fees are covered by the After School. Students in 2nd through 6th grade will able to participate. Please write the check to the Parent Alliance.
Dates – 8 Mondays in the cafeteria starting on January 31st –April 4th
Times – 2:10 – 3:30 p.m.
Please check the after school website for the students’ first 20 names who signed and returned the form with the $. They will be enrolled in the class starting on January 31st.
………………………………………………………………………………………←Cut Here

Child’s Name_________________________Teacher________________Grade_______

______________________________ _____________________________________________
Parent’s Signature E-mail (Please write neatly)

1John A.$
2Jasmine M.$
3Tess O.$
4Carmella R.
5Katelyn F.$
6Brynn T.$
7Marco S.$
8Mariah S. $
9Joshua M.$
10Sequoyah F.$
11Kaiden A.$
12Bella B.$
13Miranda S.$
14Caroline M.$
15Laney S. $
16Jacob P.$
17Blair B.$
18Cooper D.$
19Luke D.$
20Abby W.
21Santana R.$
22Nick F.$
23Gabriella F.$
24Abby W.$
25Sequoia K.$
Waiting List(Automatically Enrolled in next class starting April 11th)
1.Ethan W.
2.Carmella R.
3.Zoe B.
4.Kristen C.$
5.Heath W.$
6.Sophia G.$
7.Max P.$
8.Margaret C.$
9.Kaylie K.$
10.Maggie M.$
11.Quinn W.$
12. Camryn F.$
13.Carolyn M.
14.Ava G.$
15. Haleigh A.$