Thursday, December 16, 2010


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Rio del Mar is starting a new school newspaper and we are looking for a dynamic news team. Coverage will range from school events and people, to local, national and world news of interest to students. The name of the paper and content will be student driven and possible sections might include happenings on campus, book, comics, music or movie reviews, advice columns, editorials, interviews of teachers, students or staff and much more.
We’ll be meeting in the Computer Lab on Wednesdays starting February 2nd from 12:20 to 1:30 p.m. This is going to be an exciting project and all fourth through sixth grades students interested in writing and/or photography are encouraged to join. We’ll need reporters, editors, computer whizzes and artists to make an amazing Rio del Mar Newspaper. There is no charge for this exciting new class. Michelle Deering, our new librarian, will be leading this dynamic news team.
Please check the after school website for the students’ first 20 names who were enrolled in the class. There will be five slots for alternates.
Child’s Name______________________Teacher________________Grade_____

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Parent’s Signature E-mail(Please write neatly)

Savannah S.
1.Luke S.
2.Annie N.
3.Rowan F.
4.Lucas C.
5.Katelyn F.
6.Caroline M.
7.Cece M.
8.Cole L.
9.Satchi L.
10.Milo R.
11.Miranda S.
12.Arielle S.
14.Nick F.
15.Jon H.
16.Lauren M.
17.Gabrielle T.
18.Sky D.
19.Camille H.
20.Joshua M.
21.Noah H.
22.Sequoia K.
23. Annika M.
24. Lauren I.
25. Evan W.
26. Kori T.
Waiting List
Olivia E.
Madelyn G.
Rhonen W.



Lights, camera and action… Does Rio have talent? Well, when school resumes in January, we will be holding auditions for the first Rio del Mar Talent Show on Wednesday, January 19th at 12:30pm. The talent show will be available for all 2nd-6th graders who would like to show off their “pro-skills” in front of a school assembly in the spring. From the auditions a group of judges along with Mr. Sweet, will select the top 15 acts to perform in the talent show. Parents are welcome to attend the auditions.
Here are just a few ideas that you could try out: dance, card tricks, recite poetry, imitate someone famous, skits, standup comedy, instrument, recite a poem, or sing an orginal/cover song, magic, juggling, and demonstrations. The ideas are endless. You have the entire winter break to prepare for the auditions. Below is a permission slip that your parents need to sign along with the talent you will be sharing. This permission slip will be due on Friday, January 14th.
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Rio del Mar’s After School Program will be offering another class entitled African Drumming with Ibou N’Gom. This class will be open to the first 15 2nd-6th grade students who return this form to Mr. Sweet with their parent’s permission. The class will take place on Mondays from 3:30-4:30pm. You may go to the after school. There will be a charge of $50 for this class, which is under $10 per lesson. Please make the check out to the Parent Alliance. This class has limited enrollment because teaching drums requires a smaller class in order to maximize our time. This class is an 8–week course, so attendance is important. Also, please make sure your child practices at home to apply the skills they have learned. Djembes will be provided.
Description: A hands-on experience of West African drumming or dance/drumming.Drum: Students learn hand-drumming techniques, including tone, bass slap and interlocking multi-rhythmic structures. Ibou has a set of student-sized drums and percussion instruments that he will bring to you!
Please check the after school website for the students’ first 15 names who signed and returned the form with the $. They will be enrolled in the class starting on January 31st.
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Child’s Name_________________________Teacher________________Grade_______

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Signature E-mail (Please write neatly)

1.Aiden C.$
2.Josiah S.$
3.Alistar V.$
4.Mick M. $
5.Arielle S.$
6.Kaiden A.$
7.Aiden P.$
8.Sam S.$
9.Dylan J.$
10. Alexis K.