Sunday, September 20, 2009

Physics and Chemistry Class

Our new Physics and Chemistry class will begin next Tuesday, September 29th. The class will be held in the LIBRARY for the 7-week class. From the award winning nonprofit education foundation, Outdoor Science Exploration / Classroom Science Fun
op teacher with OSE/CSF, Irvin teaches 100+ popular science classes at local schools every year.
Active learning physics, chemistry, biology and geology with our hands-on approach! Essential concepts and special activities
Higher level thinking skills A Composition NOTEBOOK and 2 PENCILS are needed each class for take home materials. Check out Irvin Lindsey at:

Here is the list of students enrolled thus far:

1. Helen Z.$
2. Nico H.$
3. Amy R.$
4. Dana F.$
5. Trevor F.$
6. Jacob N.$
7. Peyson B.
8. Maya B.
9. Ian C.$
10. Lucas $
11. Jack J.
12. Matthew S.$

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