Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Guitar Class List

Here are the students that will be enrolled in Mr. Sweet's guitar class that meets for 10 weeks on Tuesday from 3:30 p.m. starting August 28th:

1. Kellie M.
2. Ian C.
3. Cole W.
4. Isabel A.
5. Ryan L.
6. Ryland J.
7. Adam D.
8. Rebekah C.
9. Amy E.
10. Dante C.
11. Hana N.

These students will be on the waiting list and will automatically be enrolled in the second class that will be offered in November:
1. Haley H.
2. Jack H.
3. Thomas H.
4. Daniel M.
5. Alyna T.
6. Nick C.
7. Rachel F.
8. Joe H.
9. Rachel S.
10. Emma M.
11. Victor G.

Third Class
1. Jack Doerr
2. Jason Holm
3. Patrick Keeley
4. Alyna Tunink
5. Maria Delfino

If your child did not get into these classes, I will be offering more classes the second half of the school year.
Rock on!

Mr. Sweet

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