Wednesday, November 09, 2022


Jiu Jitsu Class Enrollment w/$240 enrollment fee:

  1. Bode Mumford
  2. Deacon Taylor
  3. Blake Weston
  4. Brady Christensen
  5. Jack Churchill
  6. Brayden Barton
  7. Jaxon Barton
  8. Clayton Cope
  9. Nolan McEvoy
  10. Elizabeth Angelo
  11. Landon Lactot
  12. Veronica Carpin
  13. Cayson Ricks
  14. Lincoln Weaver

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Dear Parents and Students of Rio del Mar,

This is a reminder that there will be no after school classes this week during Parent Teacher Conferences. We will resume on Monday, November 21st. 

There are some new Enrichment Classes being offered starting in December. First, we are excited to be offering our first Jiu Jitsu Class for 1st-6th grade students on Wednesdays. See the Gracie Academy website here:

Piano Class will be on Tuesdays, but the class is already fully-enrolled. On Wednesdays there will also be a Magic The Gathering Strategy Card game class. Finally, Rio del Mar is excited to have Ibou N’Gom return to teach African Drumming on Thursdays.

As always, if you would like to enroll in any of these classes, go to the after school website at: Next, click the class link on the right, print, sign and return the form to the office, or Room 20. Earliest enrollees will get in the class, but they fill up fast! We need a printed document for emergency contact information and safety.

Martin Sweet

Rio del Mar After School Support Staff/6th Grade Teacher


Tuesdays (2:30-3:30pm)

(Automatically Enrolled 2nd Trimester)
  1. Leilany Jimenez -3rd
  2. Emaan Mirza-2nd
  3. Eviana Adams - 4th
  4. Elias Benshoter-3rd
  5. Victoria Corinth-4th
  6. Olivia Thoma-3rd
  7. Basil Fitzpatrick-5th
  8. Levi Coffin-6th
  9. Oliver Powell-2nd
  10. Bonnie Bonifacio-2nd
  1. Landon Acevedo-1st
  2. Tristan Bloss-6th
Jiu Jitsu (20 students)
Wednesdays, 12:30pm-1:30pm in cafeteria
  1. Thomas Creighton
  2. Dominik Vowles
  3. Charlie Morales
  4. Casey Morales
  5. Amorette Harper
  6. Alina Harper
  7. Kabir Dhesi
  8. Vaani Dhesi
  9. Charlotte Samous
  10. Tessa Mottram
  11. Elizabeth Angelo
  12. Love' Wikingells
  13. Ella Tritt
  14. Mila Tritt
  15. Perla Vitten
  16. Kendra Wall
  17. Michelle Schweon
  18. David Rope
  19. Deacon Taylor
  20. Bode Mumford
  1. Johanna Narog
  2. Caprice Narog
  3. Mika Honda
  4. Koji Honda
  5. Blake Weston
  6. Nolan McEvoy
  7. Landon Lanctot
  8. Jack Churchill
  9. Payton Spencer
  10. Hadlee Spencer
  11. Veronica Carpin
  12. Ehsen Mirza
  13. Merza (2nd Grade)
  14. Emerson Au
  15. Jaxon Barton
  16. Brayden Barton
  17. Cruise Richardson
  18. Koa Richardson
  19. Brady Christensen
  20. Clayton Cope
  21. Sydney Rossette
  22. Lincoln Weaver

Magic the Gathering Strategy Game (12 students)
Wednesdays, 12:30pm-1:30pm (CLASS CANCELED)
Not enough sign-ups for the class to work.
  1. Levi Coffin
  2. Rex Mottram
  3. Gianna Bosso 
  4. Omar Awwad

African Drumming (20 students)
Thursdays, 2:30-3:30pm
  1. Lincoln Coffin
  2. Levi Coffin
  3. Amorette Harper
  4. Rex Mottram
  5. Jaxson Castillo
  6. Houston Saxton
  7. Harrison Saxton
  8. Koji Honda
  9. Mika Honda
  10. Alina Harper
  11. August Hooker
  12. Landen Lanctot
  13. Emaan Mirza
  14. Ehsen Mirza
  15. Koa Richardson
  16. Cruise Richardson
  17. Sydney Rossette
  18. Emily Kirkland
  19. Reese McCord
  20. Roland Jiang

Monday, August 29, 2022

New Enrichment Classes: Fall 2022


(All-School Parent Email that was sent)

August 29, 2022

Hello Parents and Students of Rio del Mar,

Welcome back to the after school program! This is Mr. Sweet, part of the After School Support Staff, and I wanted to let you know that new Enrichment Classes will be offered starting Wednesday, September 14th. The classes will be Piano, Lego Robotics, Math Masters, “9 Men and a Little Lady” play performance, and Rock Band Auditions. If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for the after school program here: Rio del Mar After School Enrollment Form

In year’s past there was a varying charge for each of these classes. However, this year the district may be covering some, or all of the costs, depending on the services being covered through Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) Funding. Please stay tuned and be prepared to pay, if necessary. This should be clarified by the end of September. 

If you would like to sign up for one of these after school enrichment classes, simply click here for the after school website:

Look at the classes linked on the right side of the website. Next, simply click the hyperlink, print, sign and return the paper to the school office. There is limited enrollment so get your form in asap. We DO need a paper signed permission, not a digital email.

Rock Band Auditions on Thursday, September 15th at 2:15pm Rock Band Auditions

Piano Class Tuesdays starting September 20th-November 8th: Piano Class

Lego Robotics Class Starting Wednesday, September 14th-November 2nd

(Link to be up-and-running Tuesday, 8/30)

Drama Class/Play Performance of “9 Little Men and a Lady” Tues/Thurs October 4th- December 18th: 9 Men and a Little Lady Production

Math Masters Support Class: Mondays Math Masters

Feel free to visit our After School Website here: Rio's After School Website. The enrollment list and wait lists will be posted on this site. Let me know if you have any questions. See you at our school “where kind hearts and open minds rule!” Apologies for the lack of brevity.


Mr. Sweet

After School Support Staff

P.S. If the hyperlinks do not work in this email, go to:


  1. Cayson Ricks-6th
  2. Sebastian Powell-4th
  3. Levi Coffin-6th
  4. Adrian Jimenez-4th
  5. Presley-5th
  6. Charlie Morales-5th
  7. Payton Spencer-5th
  8. Bryson Silva-6th
  9. Nyssa Fagin-6th
  10. Savanna Sandman-4th
  11. Eljah Ruso-6th
  12. Bo Blackwood-6th
Wait List


  1. Sam Yeomans -5th
  2. Hadlee Spener - 1st
  3. Casey Morales-1st
  4. Charlotte Sayons-1st
  5. Elizabeth Angelo-1st
  6. Kai Korjala-4th
  7. Hana Korjala-4th
  8. Brooklyn Borbet-4th
  9. Roman Unger-4th
  10. Alonso Ramirez-3rd
WAIT LIST (Automatically Enrolled 2nd Trimester)
  1. Leilany Jimenez -3rd
  2. Emaan Mirza-2nd
  3. Eviana Adams - 4th
  4. Elias Benshoter-3rd
  5. Victoria Corinth-4th
  6. Olivia Thoma-3rd
  7. Basil Fitzpatrick-5th
  8. Levi Coffin-6th
  9. Oliver Powell-2nd
  10. Bonnie Bonifacio-2nd
  11. Landon Acevedo-1st
  12. Tristan Bloss-6th


ROCK BAND(Thursday Auditions Postponed: September 22nd - 2:15pm in cafeteria)

  1. Kellan McCord-Drums
  2. Elle Grigsby-Keys/Vocals
  3. Gordon Edinger-Bass
  4. Bryson Silva-Guitar
  5. Savanna Sandman-Vocals
  6. Clark Christensen-Keys
  7. Cana Taylor-Keys


  1. Liam Oneil
  2. Kaitlin Stallard
  3. Joey Randolph
  4. Kate Chekouras
  5. Brook Boudreault
  6. Emma Donmez
  7. Olive Hooker
  8. Aisha Francis

Monday, April 18, 2022

Friday, April 01, 2022

Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Piano Class 3 Enrollment(Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm) $ = Paid

  1. Bo Blackwood 5th
  2. Gretta Ramirez 4th $
  3. Emily Kirkland-4th $
  4. Kai Karjala-3rd $
  5. Hana Karjala-1st $
  6. Nikki Wise - 1st $
  7. Jack Brown- 4th $
  8. David Rope -1st $
  9. Bruno Velasco - 2nd $
  10. Bonnie Bonifacio-1st-$
  1. Oliver Powell $ 1st
  2. Francesca Work-4th
  3. Elias Benshoter-2nd

Track and Field Class (Tuesdays 2:15pm-3:30pm)
  1. Grayson Hurt 2nd
    Elias Benscheter-2nd
    Arabella Padilla-2nd
    Reese McCord-2nd
    Evan Lavelle-2nd
    Conner McGlinn-2nd
    Iris Ranaan-3rd
    Kellan McCord-3rd
    Sebastian Powell-3rd
    Xiomara Levya-3rd
    Eden Davis - 3rd
    Mason McCandless 3rd
    Zarina Gafazaro-3rd
    Selah Moran-3rd
    Savannah Sandman-3rd
    Aisha Francis 3rd
    Francesca Work-3rd
    Daniel Sampson-4th
    Veronica Carpin-4th
    Sam Yeomans-4th
    Gabriella Grigsby -4th
    Reagon Pollock-4th
    Evie Francis -5th
    Jensen Buckler-5th
    Jack Moreno-6th
    Jack Maguire=6th
    Merit Smith-6th
    Caitlin Lavelle 6th
    Kiana Safari-6th-
    Magnus Vitten-6th-
    Stella Giraldo-6th-
    Cole Macon-6th-
    Miguel Salido-6th-
    Teagan Chevalier-6th
    Harry Nemec-6th-
    Drew Parker 6th

Winnie the Pooh Play Production (Auditions on Monday, March 14th)

Monday, November 15, 2021



Monday (Nosky)

  1. Grace Martinez 5th
  2. Emily Morales 6th
  3. Charlie Morales 4th
  4. Bo Blackwood 5th
  5. Elijah Ruso 5th
  6. Mia Ramirez 6th
  7. Gage Cotta 6th

Thursday (Birchall)

  1. Niko Calubaquib 5th
  2. Veronica Carpin 4th
  3. Emily Morales 6th
  4. Charlie Morales 4th
  5. Bo Blackwood 5th
  6. Elijah Ruso 5th
  7. Mia Ramirez 6th

Thursday, November 04, 2021



Magic the Gathering Gaming

Hip Hop Dance

Piano Class 2 (Wait-listed students get first priority)

WAIT LIST (Automatically Enrolled in Winter Session)

  1. Keagan Pollack 4th
  2. Levi Silverman - 1st 
  3. Jonathan Espinoza - 1st
  4. Nina Fozzati-2nd
  5. Cameronn Mello-2nd
  6. Charlotte Demers-4th
  7. Alonso Ramirez-2nd
  8. Nikki Wise-1st
  9. Tristan Keller-4th
  10. Gordan Edinger-5th

Ella Tritt-3rd
Francesca Work - 4th



Track and Field

Drama Class/Play